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          Culture in China

          [日期:2019-01-26] 来源:  作者: [字体: ]

          Stepping off the airplane into an amazing city like Beijing, the culture shock was overwhelming, especially for some one that comes from a small town in South Africa. Seeing so many different roads and shop signs and not understanding anything, the different smells of so many delicious foods I have never eaten but later fell in love with.

          I spent two days in Beijing before getting on a train heading to Linyi where I would teach English for the next year. I could never have guessed that I would have such a great experience. Most people I have talked to in Linyi see it as a small city even though my home town in South Africa takes exactly 20 minutes to drive through the whole town, I learned that they would call my home town a village in China.

          Walking through the "small" city's downtown, something I quickly realized was how active the older generation of people are, spending their time in play grounds made for adults and keeping fit, seeing 70 year old grey haired people doing exercises was something I never thought I would see. People on the sidewalk playing card games while sitting on small chairs  that look like they were made for children was an amazing sight. People just look up from their cellphones long enough to shout out HELLO! To one of the few foreigners visiting their city and proving that they at least know this English word.

          This big city with its beautiful lakes and buzzing city life really crept into my heart and left me with amazing memories about China that I will always cherish. 

          By Clifford van Schalkwyk

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